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Pest Control Services in Davao City

Pest Control Services

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About Woodland Pest Control in Davao City

About Woodland Pest Control

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our in-demand services

  • Virus Disinfection services in Davao City

    Virus Disinfection

    With the current health covid-19 pandemic crisis we are experiencing, we are all looking for means to protect and family and love ones more. Woodland Pest Control Services in Davao is providing specialized commercial cleaning and disinfection services for more than 5 years.

  • Fumigation services in Davao City


    Fumigation is a method of using a lethal gas to exterminate pests within an enclosed space. There are two methods of performing a fumigation. One is to seal the structure with plastic, tape..

  • Termite Mound Demolition services in Davao City

    Termite Mound Demolition

    These termites can penetrate your house/building even this mound is ten (10) meters away from your structure. Our technician search for this termite mounds, destroy them and thoroughly treats the surrounding.

  • Crawling and Flying insects services in Davao City

    Crawling and Flying insects

    The risks of contracting an illness are particularly high in homes with more susceptible people such as children, the elderly or those fighting existing illnesses.

  • Rat and Mice Control services in Davao City

    Rat and Mice Control

    Rats and mice not only contaminate food and spread diseases, but also gnaw through walls and electrical wiring, making them among the most destructive of all pests that can invade your business.

  • Termite Proofing Works services in Davao City

    Termite Proofing Works

    Termite Proofing to new structures (like residential areas/ warehouses/buildings) are one of the things that everybody should do. It is so affordable, and so effective, when you compare it to post construction treatments.

  • General Pest Control services in Davao City

    General Pest Control

    Many of our services focus on capture and release, passive deterrence, and environmental modifications. We service both commercial and residential properties alike.

  • Exterra Baiting System services in Davao City

    Exterra Baiting System

    Termite baits are a whole different concept. With this approach, small amounts of material known as the toxicant knocks out populations of termites foraging in and around the structure.

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