Termite Proofing Works

Termite Proofing Works services in Davao CityTermite Proofing to new structures (like residential areas/ warehouses/buildings) are one of the things that everybody should do.  It is so affordable, and so effective, when you compare it to post construction treatments.

We will furnish all professional services, labor chemicals, equipments, supervision and other related works necessary in the performance of the service briefly described here under:

  1. Soil poisoning along the outside and inside perimeter of the building by trenching or soil  injection method to create chemical barrier around the building.
  2. 2nd treatment will be applied before flooring of the inside perimeter of the building
  3. Massive Treatment of all wood structures/ materials affected or susceptible to termites by drenching and spraying with anti- termite chemicals to control and and prevent  infestation.
  4. Massive Trophallaxis treatment by dusting powder termiticides to all termite passageways, electrical conduits, cracks, crevices and other areas where there are possible signs of termite infection.
  5. Sub –slab treatment of termite entry points by trenching, drilling or soil injection method using high pressure power sprayer.  Drilled holes shall be sealed with cement after treatment
  6. Demolition and treatment of termite mounds found within the building premises.

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